Solstice Management B.V. was established at the end of January 2016 to facilitate various consultancy, advisory and board roles. It's main expertise is in international business development,  especially in emerging markets in Asia and Africa. In July 2017 it started to support its sister company Taatisolar Namibia (Pty) Ltd. and in mid 2019 Solstice Management B.V. became the agent for Rollepaal B.V. for non-French speaking sub-Sahara Africa. In order to strengthen the activities in the plastic pipe and fittings industry in Africa an association with JB Africa Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd in Pretoria / South-Africa was established end of 2019.



Namibia (Pty) Ltd

Taatisolar is importing and distribution Solar Home Systems and DC appliances for off-grid markets in Namibia and surrounding countries.

Rollepaal BV

Rollepaal B.V.

Rollepaal is a renowned manufacturer of plastic pipe extrusion equipment in the Netherlands, whose equipment is used worldwide.

JB Africa Business Consulting

JB Africa Business

Consulting (Pty) Ltd 

JB Africa BC has many years experience in managing plastic pipe and fittings companies across across Africa including trading in these products and ancillary equipment.

JB Africa
About Solstice Management


Solstice Management BV was founded in 2016 , and has experienced rapid growth and expansion ever since. Solstice Management BV is a specialist Business Development consultancy, strong in advisory and non-executive board roles. We offer procurement advice as well as specialized services for the search of suppliers and clients, for small and medium sized companies, especially in the plastic pipe and fittings industry, water treatment and recycling, sanitation as well as in solar systems. Our operating area is focused on Southern Africa and Sub Saharan Africa.

Board & Advisory

Board and advisory positions

Solstice Management B.V, is represented by Jan Kruse in the supervisory board of the Development and Investment Agency for the Northern Netherlands, independent commissioner of PT Wahana Nusantara Rucika in Indonesia and non-executive director of Taatisolar Namibia (Pty) Ltd


Investment in Taatisolar Namibia (Pty) Ltd

As an 'Angel Investor' Solstice Management gives advice to Taatisolar Namibia (Pty) Ltd. how to grow and expand in a sustainable manner in Namibia and neighbouring countries.

Rollepaal BV

Agency for Rollepaal B.V

We sell plastic pipe extrusion equipment in sub-Sahara Africa and give financial advice how to fund new investments in such machinery.

Technology Development

Technology Development

Solstice Management is actively developing new technologies suitable for emerging economies in the solar and water sectors.



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Head Office

Netherlands - Hasselt

Jan Kruse 

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South Africa - Pretoria

Japie Bester

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Martine Yengayenge

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Namibia - Windhoek

Moira Alberts

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Solstice Management B.V. is a member of the Netherlands-African Business Council in the Hague / the Netherlands.