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2016 January 28

Deed of Incorporation

Solstice Management B.V was established primarily to comply with new VAT regulations for non-Executive Board Members.

2017 February 1

Commissioner Rucika

Jan Kruse was appointed as independent member of the Board of Commissioners of PT Wahana Nusantara Rucika in Indonesia.

2017 July 1

Start of Taatisolar

Sister company Taatisolar Namibia (Pty) Ltd started and Jan Kruse became non-executive director.

2019 July 24 

Agency Rollepaal

An agreement, effective from end July 2019 was signed with Rollepaal B.V for the sale of plastic pipe extrusion equipment in sub-Sahara Africa.

2019 November 11

Association in Africa

In order to strengthen the activities in the plastic industry, an association with JB Africa Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd was signed.

2021 January

End agency Rollepaal for sub-Sahara Africa. Associate JB Africa Business Consulting (Pty) Ltd continued.

2021 November

Start agency Drossbach and Bayerteq for sub-Sahara Africa.

2023 March

Assignment by RVO and the Dutch Embassy in Pretoria to identify potential areas of cooperation between Namibia and the Netherlands in the green hydrogen eco-system.

2023 May

Moderated Namibian – Dutch round table discussion during the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam.

2023 June

Presented report on Namibian – Dutch propositions in green hydrogen in preparation of visit of the Dutch and Danish prime ministers and respective trade delegations to Namibia.


100 %

Solstice Holding B.V
the Netherlands

Managing Director

Jan Kruse

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Solstice Management Logo

Solstice Management B.V

the Netherlands

Managing Director

Jan Kruse

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Taatisolar Namibia (Pty) Ltd Namibia

Managing Director

Moira Alberts

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